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more camping stuff...

My boy is a super music geek. I did check out the mp3 previously suggested, the zen stone. I found it for $18. The problem? It only works on Windows...boo hiss! This is a straight up mac household. So I'm going give him the the mint iPod shuffle I bought for Hanukkah 2 years ago to take with him. My fingers are going to be seriously crossed with that one.

I did manage to find The Dangerous Book for Boys for a killer price on half.com.

Additionally, I found a bug repellant that may be workable for TP's sensitive skin. AVON's Skin So Soft Bug Guard! Kills the sunscreen/bug spray issue in one swoop.

Tomorrow, I will pick up some items from the Container Store; I used my 15% off coupon to get some nice prices on things.

I also have to trundle down to Old Navy and/or TCP; and IKEA. Most likely I will break up the trips over Sunday and Monday!

Shoes may be a challenge to find so I'm trolling all the Memorial Day Sales. Also, finding a bath robe is turning out to be a major PITA!!!

I did manage to find some l/s shirt from fall when he was in the previous elementary school.

I bought two Lands' End duffel bags on sale for $12 ea. Hubster wanted me to pay for monogramming. I said no. He was a little puzzled... I already have luggage tags from Mabel's labels. Why would I pay an extra $10 especially if I have iron-on tags in addition to the metal bag tags? I had to put my foot down.


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