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Fear will always make you blind

"my raygun is in the shop and I don't do cowboy hats!"

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My name is Angelina and in the process of converting to Judaism (Orthodox). I'm married to da Hubster who is Jewish. We have a son affectionately know as TinyPunk or TP. This journal is about my hectic life and my personal journey into Judaism.

The title of my journal comes from a Daft Punk track, "Face to Face" The subtitle changes every once in awhile. That part is usually random song lyrics that pop in my head that summarize my life at the moment.

Life is an adventure that I want to live to the max. I'm just learning to give myself enough. Cutting the anchor of depression and an abusive childhood is a long and messy process.

BTW, this journal is friends only. If I don't know you or someone who knows you then chances are pretty slim that I will add you. So keep that in mind.

Feel free to comment on the friends only post or send me a private msg.

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