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Sorry folks...

This journal is friends only!

Some of you may have found this through frumfashionista or gen_xslacker. Others, have seen me in other blogs/communities.

Warning: this is my personal blog. My journal is not like my fashion blog or the community I co-mod. The humor and pluckiness you see in those places you will NOT find here all the time...

hipstamom can veer on the oppressively bleak side. So if you can't handle my virtual whimpers and need to read a fun blog, this is not the place. Don't take this as being standoffish but I don't want to waste anyone's time.

I'm at a point in my life where I won't let just anyone in. I've left tons of frienemies in my wake. I'm not keen on picking up the broken pieces.

Check out my profile... and if this blog STILL peaks your interest then...

Comment to be added!

more camping stuff...

My boy is a super music geek. I did check out the mp3 previously suggested, the zen stone. I found it for $18. The problem? It only works on Windows...boo hiss! This is a straight up mac household. So I'm going give him the the mint iPod shuffle I bought for Hanukkah 2 years ago to take with him. My fingers are going to be seriously crossed with that one.

I did manage to find The Dangerous Book for Boys for a killer price on half.com.

Additionally, I found a bug repellant that may be workable for TP's sensitive skin. AVON's Skin So Soft Bug Guard! Kills the sunscreen/bug spray issue in one swoop.

Tomorrow, I will pick up some items from the Container Store; I used my 15% off coupon to get some nice prices on things.

I also have to trundle down to Old Navy and/or TCP; and IKEA. Most likely I will break up the trips over Sunday and Monday!

Shoes may be a challenge to find so I'm trolling all the Memorial Day Sales. Also, finding a bath robe is turning out to be a major PITA!!!

I did manage to find some l/s shirt from fall when he was in the previous elementary school.

I bought two Lands' End duffel bags on sale for $12 ea. Hubster wanted me to pay for monogramming. I said no. He was a little puzzled... I already have luggage tags from Mabel's labels. Why would I pay an extra $10 especially if I have iron-on tags in addition to the metal bag tags? I had to put my foot down.

American Classic: Shoes

I know that the shoe fashionistas have been jonesing for new shoes to drool over.

This is going to be a short, sweet shoe post.

Only five to check out, so I'll get on with the shoes:
American Classic Shoes

daring pump
embossed leather, 3" heel, shown in grey, also in cardinal red and black, $185, Kenneth Cole
jump into more shoesCollapse )

I hope you enjoyed these shoes.


Well the past month was eventful

My New Year's Eve/Day was supa eventful. I saw the new commercial for nip/tuck on New Years. That song was supa hawt! Of course, I found out who it was... Kanye West. It's such a fun song. I hung out with my friend and we had a blast!

Flashing Lights - Kanye West

I know why I want to convert. It just seems like the process has gotten ridiculously hard. I don't find the mechanics of observance difficult per se...it's the social stuff that drives me crazy. I just feel like I'm stuck in a hellish limbo. I know too much to even think about going back to church; but I'm not Jewish either. So it's irksome to say the least!

I'm just as closed-minded as Lindenites in certain ways. I really don't like close-minded, uppity snots! I don't have the stomach for those types. So doesn't that make me like the people I despise? Unlike those snots, I realize that's not a good way to be. I'm so thrilled that I don't live in da Jerz anymore. I feel like I'm graduating into adulthood finally.

Then again, I've always been a late-bloomer. I had my final growth spurt when I was in college. I went from 5'6" to 5'8" in a year. Ugh! I was in such a rush to grow up. Now, I'm not trying push stuff. This is my year. I'm going to grab life by the cohones!

I love living by the ocean. Period. My mother started getting hysterical because she heard Hubster and I talking about moving out. So I have to stay in Brooklyn for at least a while! My poor mother couldn't take it if moved far away again. Plus, the ASD program. I'm staying put for the moment! I'm not upset about it or anything. Finding programs for ASD children is difficult as is!

quick post

did anyone who recently friended me and I didn't friend them back let me know.

I'm tired and I have way lost my mind.

thanks for your patience while I go look for it!


I was wondering to myself how lucky am I that I don't associate with certain people anymore. My former BFF ragged on me on the memorial website. Then again she was never the tactful one.

If you had the balls to rag on me then why bother to take it down after you see me? Show some conviction!

:head scratcher: not really but it's highly amusing that she got scared shitless! The bonus is that I got her secret stuffing recipe. Ha, ha, ha!

Moral of the day: Keep your words sweet because you may have to eat them!
:roar: I guess it's time for a head to head! If you still think so then I'm going into freaking television dangit!

Send me an angel...

This is quite a nasty storm we got over here today!

The streets are flooded. I didn't even try to venture out of the house. I've been hiding out from hoomans.

Supernatural wackiness in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...Collapse )
I hate it when these things happen to me. Now I feel like I just got a draft notice to go to war.

Why did Hashem make me a freak of nature? 


Writer's Block: We met on LJ

Who did you meet on LiveJournal you wouldn't have met otherwise?
The majority of people on my friends list.  I met them through word of mouth; Blogathon '07; and Writer's Block!

Since I'm moving away from a river...

and back to the ocean I decided to count down my move back to Brooklyn. 

In honour of this stressful occasion I also decided to change my journal theme.  Since my time in this community has been mostly bleak; I decided to change the theme to a nighttime river theme.  It's almost the end of a chapter and I'm glad about that. 

I definitely don't see them as "victorious."  This community lost out- not me.  They may not see it now.  When they repel enough decent people with their snobbishness and "frummer than thou" attitude then they will see.  Hopefully, their eyes won't open when it's too late and the community earns a bad rep!

I don't see leaving this community as a failure.  Sometimes, things don't work out.  Sometimes, both parties don't try enough.  Oftentimes, people wait until it's too late to repair things.

I see a new door opening for me.  I can be near my friends; family; and most of all I get to go home.

It's a strange mix of somberness and elation!  

See y'all on the NYC side...


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